SICUTOOL Tools Catalogue - Sales conditions


Orders are accepted on the basis of the following conditions: prices, minimum value and payments.

Prices, minimum cost and payments

1) Prices are intended as ex works our warehouse, VAT excluded.
For orders due, the quotations applicable at the moment of the shipment apply.
Our prices include standard packaging.

2) On the basis of the agreed terms, payments will always have to be made to our Company.

  • In case of belated payments, bank interests and any additional expenses will be calculated.
  • No arbitrary withholdings will be accepted.
  • Any modification to the payment conditions must be agreed on in advance and cannot be retroactive.

Shipments and collections

3) Orders are to be paid in full, within the limit of the amounts available, except if the Customer requires to keep any stocks in an account.
Should Customers desire to keep unpaid material in an account all the time, for all their orders, they will have to inform about that explicitly in writing.
For each order, the Customer will have to specify a means of transportation in an unambiguous way.

4) Responsibility and risks for goods during their shipment are the customer’s, even if they are lost in a free port and invoiced.
In case of damage, theft or loss of the shipment while being transported, the relative claims will have to be submitted to the one directly liable, namely the carrier.

5) At the time of the delivery it is recommended to check, in addition to the wholeness of the packages, that the information reported in our packing list matches that of the shipment.
In the presence of any discrepancies, the carrier should be required to provide an explanation.

6) For collections at our Milan warehouse, orders must be submitted to us in headed paper or marked by means of stamp and signature of the person in charge of the ordering Company.
The operator will have to sign the packing lists, making sure that they report the date of collection and the number of packs.

Claims, returned goods and replacements under warranty

7) Claims are accepted within eight days from receipt of the goods.

8) Goods returned because of mistakes in the orders submitted or for reasons not attributable to us will be only accepted if authorized in advance.
For this type of returned goods, a fixed expense amount equal to 10% will be applied in order to cover verification costs and the costs for re-arranging the goods in our warehouse.

9) Any malfunctioning tools will be replaced during the warranty period, having reached an agreement on that with our Company in advance.

10) Returned goods will only be accepted if sold to a free port with a transport document reporting our sales invoice/transportation document reference number.

11) Every time goods are returned, the relative form has to be filled in. It can be downloaded from the site (currently in italian).

  • Any tools damaged or broken due to improper use will not be replaced

Technical information and copyright

12) The data, colours and technical characteristics reported in this catalogue are purely indications and not binding.
Any improvements may be introduced without informing customers in advance.

  • This also applies for the removal of any items present in our catalogue due to the impossibility of supplying them for reasons beyond our control.
  • We would like to remind our Esteemed Customers that the texts, images, brands and numbers which distinguish the items in this catalogue are protected in compliance with the copyright law. Reproduction, even partial, of the catalogue is forbidden, unless explicitly authorized by us in writing

Those who ask for Sicutool must receive Sicutool

13) Any request submitted by Consumers with an item number found in this catalogue and carried out by others is a fraud against Customers and will be prosecuted in compliance with the Law.

14) In case of litigation, the place of jurisdiction is the Law Court of Milan (Italy).